Gold Manicure and Pedicure in Bandra West

The use of gold in skin care has been used for centuries by the Egyptians, Japanese and Romans and popularised by Cleopatra as a beauty ingredient. Today, we’re bringing you the magical properties of pure gold with an exclusive Gold Manicure and Gold Pedicure.


  • An ultra-luxurious 3-step process with Gold Bless Serum, Gold Bless Patch and Gold Inner beauty that works together to give you a glittering result.
  • 100% safe for skin.


  • Gold Serum specifically reduces melanin transfer and increases whitening with its 99.9% gold flakes.
  • The Gold Patch is a 100% gold patch sheet that produces a calming effect on the skin along with a galvanized ion and whitening effect.
  • The Gold Inner Beauty is helpful in releasing stress, via the nervous stabilization action, with 99.9% pure gold powder. This helps eliminate waste matter such as heavy metals in the body. It can be infused with your fruit or coffee or even in a muffin.
  • The Gold Hand Cream is a great home remedy with the goodness of Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, Sodium Hyaluronate, and of course, gold. This cream helps prevents moisture evaporation by forming a thin moisturizing film, which enhances the shine on your skin.
  • Lightens up your skin, improves blood circulation and adds a golden glow.
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