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The White Door and Phytomer are proud to bring you some of the world’s most advanced skin care treatments. Made with sophisticated technological methods and natural marine ingredients, these pioneering facials are specially curated to keep not only you but also the planet happy.

absolute clean up

Deep cleanse every pore of your skin with this seriously good exfoliation in our tranquil spa room. Feel your skin breathe happily again.


Want to look younger for longer? For once, there’s a unique anti-ageing treatment in Mumbai that’s designed to do just that. With sensational products and combined with a unique age-defying formula from Phytomer, it activates the collagen in your skin, diminishes fine lines and reduces any inflammation.

acne defence

Is your skin prone to acne? Face the world confidently with our deep cleansing acne facial. Proven effective against blemishes, it’s all you need for clearer, healthier skin. We always carefully pick the treatment and procedure based on your skin type and use a special cooling device to soothe the skin.

stress buster

Pollutants, toxins, and impurities in the air can cause skin inflammation and blemishes. Our re-balancing facial mask, rich in minerals and vitamins revives your skin and deeply nourishes it to reveal a healthy and luminous complexion.

shine bright

Want your face to radiate with joy? Lighten up your skin with our innovative facial using Phytomer’s finest products. It reduces dark spots, revitalizes the skin and brightens up your complexion with an incredibly luminous glow. Get ready for the compliments.

biologique recherche treatment

Every Hollywood celebrity’s favourite treatment is now available at The White Door. Made entirely in France, Biologique Recherche takes a holistic approach to skincare with pure, guilt-free, active ingredients as well as innovative methods to give you an experience that’s unlike any other.

anti-ageing triple lift

Although ideal for a mature skin, our triple lift facial is created to suit every skin type. It includes 3 essentials: Biologique crème Biofixine to repair skin collagen, Biokiss to lock in moisture and Aminotique E to give you intensive skin revitalization.

anti-pigmentation & Brightening

A perfect facial for sun-damaged, excessively tanned skin. Nourish, protect and hydrate your skin and diminish freckles and sun damage with the Cream VIP02, Collagène Natif and Biologique’s natural marine serum. Watch your cheeks blush with a radiant glow.

detoxing anti-fatigue facial

Banish dry, dull and tired-looking skin away and revive your youthful look with this rehydrating facial. Made with Biologique products like Masque Visolastine and Elastine Pure, it restores the natural balance of your skin, keeping it buoyant and fresh.

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