Sana Dhanani - The White Door Founder Sana Dhanani - The White Door Founder

Why the white door

The White Door stands for purity, hygiene, transparency and perfection. Right from our flagship spa in Bandra, we aim to redefine the way the city views ‘premium care’ by curating the finest bespoke services, along with the highest international standards in hygiene and ultra high-end beauty products sourced from across the globe. From manicures, pedicures and nail art to bespoke facials and exclusive consultations delivered by the most skilled technicians, we have designed every detail to pamper your individual needs.


Our vision is to take beauty from a word, to a way of life, by raising the bar in grooming standards - in terms of world-class techniques and hygiene norms. We aim to create a glow of confidence on the faces of our clients, with focussed attention to their individual beauty needs.


Every time you visit The White Door, we want to leave you with two mantras: Self-love and self-awareness. While we envelop you in luxury and pamper you with the most advanced grooming techniques, we urge you to relax and discover how beautiful you really are. We only use the best naturally sourced ingredients. So, while you get transformed, the environment stays beautiful too.


Often spotted in white, Sana Dhanani is a perfectionist who is hard to please, especially when it comes to nails and skincare. This well-travelled spa connoisseur has explored some of the most exotic spas of the world. With her roots in Dubai, Sana has done her specialization studies at top universities in Switzerland and Italy, and post this, she has prepared to move her base to Mumbai. Obsessed with hygiene, one of her biggest peeves during her shift was the lack of emphasis on cleanliness. It is her enthusiasm and yearning for tidiness that has paved the path to bring the finest spa experiences from around the world to India.
The White Door - a bespoke luxury spa, is a result of her relentless passion, impeccable attention to detail and the affinity for customer delight.

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