Manicure and Pedicure in Bandra



Hands are always the first to reveal signs of ageing or tanning. Thankfully, now you can wave those signs good-bye. Discover softer, smoother and younger looking hands with our wonderful selection of bespoke manicures.


Do you feel like your feet are tired of carrying you around? Perk up your weary feet with a range of specially curated pedicures. It’s a lovely pampering session that’s worth taking those few extra strides for.


Perk up, protect and soothe your weary hands with our classic manicure which includes a warm hand soak, clipping and shaping, cuticle treatment, moisturizing, a quick finger and arm massage, and even a pop of polish (if desired).


Perfect to protect your feet from common ailments, our classic pedicure includes a warm foot soak, foot scrub, cuticle treatment, shaping, a quick foot and calf massage, and even a pop of polish (if desired).

STAY YOUTHFUL (Anti-ageing)

Stress, sun exposure, dryness and other factors often result in wrinkles and fine lines. Eliminate the signs of ageing from your skin with our age-defying treatments. The wonderful ingredients in our treatments rehydrate your skin giving you younger, healthier and happier looking skin.

Essentially Yours:

Rose hydrating mask and renew rose oil.

Grandma’s Secrets:

Raw coffee, cacao powder, and cinnamon.

TAME THE TAN (Whitening)

Spent too much time in the sun? Help your skin recover from sun-damage with our delightful de-tanning treatments. Formulated with time-tested ingredients to lighten up your skin and leave it soft and glowing.

Essentially Yours:

Sugar scrub to even out your skin, a mask to get rid of the tan and orange balm to relax and moisturize.

Grandma’s Secrets:

Calamine clay, lemon peel powder, grapefruit peel powder, apple flower powder and red sandalwood powder.

FATIGUE FIX (Athletic)

Are your calf muscles aching from running on the treadmill or being up and about on your heels? It’s time to put your feet up and enjoy our relaxing anti-fatigue treatments. Made with special ingredients that ease away all your aches.

Essentially Yours:

De-stress muscle oil.

Grandma’s Secrets:

Black pepper, cardamom and almonds.


Our daily lives can sometimes be full of unhealthy air and food. Flush out toxins and say hello to stress-free skin that shines with happiness. Moreover, give your body the calm it deserves with our specially designed detoxifying treatments that contain ingredients that are ideal for the removal of toxins.

Essentially Yours:

Revive morning body oil.

Grandma’s Secrets:

Green tea and other detoxifying greens like kale, mint and spirulina.

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