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There was a time when talking of pedicures for men was looked at as comparing chalk and cheese. It was okay for men to consider living with calluses and ingrown nails, but not anymore. Today’s metrosexual man, an out-of-the-box thinker or a corporate figure, knows the importance of grooming. Hence, men’s pedicures have become a natural way of life, just as shaving and grooming the moustache are. The benefits of pedicures are many; they not only make you look good but also contribute towards your health:

It improves the overall health of the feet

One of the best ways to keep your feet in a good, healthy condition is to go for a Classic pedicure. With the right technique and sterilized tools, the estheticians trim, clean and buff the nails, scrub the feet, moisturize the cuticles, and also assist in healthy blood flow in the feet. In the process, the expert pedicurist exfoliates dead skin cells, repairs ingrown nails and calluses, and perks up your mood with a relaxing foot soak & foot massage that gets you charged-up to take on the day.

It relieves you of stress and fatigue

If your profession demands you to be on your toes all day long or if you’re an athlete who wants to put an end to aching calves and muscles or if you’re an uncompromising gym enthusiast, then a pedicure is all you need. A Sportsman’s Pedicure or a Fatigue Fix pedicure curated with essential ingredients re-infuses your feet with life and energy and helps relieve pain in the aching muscles, making you feel rejuvenated. While a trained professional massages your feet with muscle de-stressing oil, sit back and read your favorite novel or watch a Netflix favorite. Is this any less than the much-needed bliss?

It tackles foot odour head on

Because of wearing socks all day long, sweating in the feet resulting in foot odour is something we’ve all experienced. Also, your feet are a storehouse of bodily toxins from the constant wear and tear of a hectic life, which is why the pedicure benefits for men are many. When you reward them with a Detox pedicure, comprising of detoxifying agents like green tea, kale, mint, and spirulina, you flush out the toxins from your feet and also get rid of any bacteria nestling underneath, curbing foot odour right at its budding stage.

It eliminates tanning of the feet

Spending too much time in the sun often makes the skin dry and tanned, in addition to looking prematurely aged. In order to keep these issues at bay, pampering your feet with an Anti-Ageing pedicure or a Whitening pedicure pays off well. Power-packed ingredients like rose oil, raw coffee (anti-ageing), calamine clay and red sandalwood (whitening) rehydrate your skin and lighten its complexion, resulting in happy and healthy feet.

It keeps infections and foot ailments at bay

When you rely on your feet to perform optimally all day long, the last thing you would want is foot pain. Corns, ingrown nails, bunions, fungus, calluses, etc. are as painful in nature as they are unsightly to look at. Getting a pedicure on a regular basis helps to tackle these common foot ailments, and hence cuts down on your trips to a podiatrist.

Because pedicures are a wonderful way to relax and unwind, going for the treatment with loved ones is gaining prominence. You get to spend some much-needed quality time with someone dear– your better half, friends, kids. It also keeps at bay the stress from living in a busy city like Mumbai. However, selecting the right salon before you and your loved ones book a family pedicure session is as important as getting a pedicure in the first place. A trusted salon follows strict hygiene standards, houses only qualified staff, and uses the best products. The White Door spa in Mumbai is one such example where we provide pedicures for men in Bandra West.

Rated as one of the best salons in Bandra, The White Door offers a bespoke menu for manicures and pedicures for men, as well as a range of skincare options. With its strict compliance with international hygiene standards, all their services are created using advanced techniques and exceptional products sourced from across the globe. The White Door’s pedicure in Bandra West is a unique experience as we make client wellness our top priority, with qualified estheticians working their magic on your tired, achy feet while you unwind with our Feel Good Menu. The White Door in Bandra West will give your feet the care they deserve, in addition to rewarding yourself with some quality time with your loved ones.

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