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Holi marks the arrival of spring, and being the most vibrant and and colourful festival, it is easy to get carried away by the festivities. It is therefore necessary to prepare your skin and haircare checklist in advance. Make sure to follow the below tips to avoid colour stained faces, parched hair and irritated skin without missing out on the fun.


If you want smooth, hairless skin before Holi, plan well in advance. Avoid any hair removal, be it laser, waxing, threading or shaving three to four days before Holi, as these leave your skin sensitive and pores open. Furthermore, coming in contact with colours could leave your skin with rashes or cause irritation.

  • TIP: Get waxing done after Holi as it will help get rid of tanning or any leftover colour, or at least a minimum of seven to ten days before the festival.

Do you prefer wearing makeup for Holi? Do so only if you are planning to play with dry colours. A layer of foundation on your face or neck may protect your skin from colour damage, but try and avoid it for sure if water is involved.

  • TIP: Avoid makeup, especially kajal and mascara liners. Apply a thick coat of lip balm and a light shade of waterproof lipstick if you must.

Make sure to keep your hair and skin safe by shielding them in the right manner. This will keep the harmful toxins away and prevent dry and frizzy hair. Apply a sufficient layer of oil from the scalp to the tip of your hair. Any good coconut, almond or jojoba oil, especially around the hairline, will repel the coloured water and protect you significantly from damage.

  • TIP: Consider mixing castor oil or a few drops of lemon in your hair oil.
  • TIP: Avoid shampooing a day before or on the day of Holi as it will cause you to loose all your natural oils.
  • TIP: Braid or tie your hair, or wear a cap or bandana for further protection.

Moisturising your body is as important as moisturising your face, as it will shield your skin from irritation and damage. Apply oil or a heavyduty moisturiser all over your body- including feet, legs, hands and elbows- about twenty to twenty five minutes before you leave to avoid any itching or rashes.

  • TIP: For the face, you may opt for a cold cream formula. Don’t forget to apply generously on your face, neck and ears.

The moisturiser alone will not be sufficient when constantly under the sun in the water, as it will increase the chances of making your skin patchy. Make sure to apply a generous layer of sunscreen on exposed skin areas. This will also help protect you from colour stains.

  • TIP: Make sure to select the moisturiser or sunscreen with the right SPF as per your requirement and skin type.
  • TIP: Apply some petroleum jelly behind and inside your earlobes.
  • TIP: Apply a lip balm with SPF on your lips.
  • TIP: Avoid a facial atleast one week prior to Holi.

One aspect you cannot forget is your nails, which can remain stained for a long time due to their porous nature. Make sure to apply a dark-coloured polish a day in advance.

  • TIP: Apply oil or petroleum jelly around your fingertips and cuticles.

Choose your clothing wisely. Dark coloured, full sleeved cotton clothes would be the ideal choice and comfortable to carry.

POST HOLI: Avoid scrubbing you body. Stand under running water and rinse off the colour with water.

Make sure to remove the colour methodically using cotton swabs before using any body wash or soaps. Avoid using soap that is alkaline and makes the skin dry. Very hot water can also dry the skin, so keep it lukewarm.

  • TIP: Use a natural exfoliant like lemon peel or gram flour paste with milk before using a gentle body cleanser.

Moisturise your skin well after your shower to avoid any dryness. Apply a gentle face cream as per your skin type as well.

  • TIP: Apply aloe vera gel or lacto calamine for minor breakouts.

Book an appointment at The White Door, your favourite skin and nail spa in Bandra, and ask for soothing services like a mani pedi, calming face mask, or a head massage to rinse off any residue from the festivities.

  • TIP: Keep a gap of five to seven days for a facial if you have any irritation or breakouts. Consult with your technician on the same. Book a facial spa in Bandra at The White Door where you can speak to any of our professionally trained staff about your skin requirements.
  • TIP: A detox pedicure would go a long way to eliminate the toxic effects your body displays. Book a pedicure in Bandra at our spa to get rid of any toxicity while enjoying the benefits of a relaxing massage. We even offer manicures in Bandra for those looking to get rid of any residual colour or other damage.
  • TIP: Hydrate: Drink atleast two to three litres of water.
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