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As we stay at home to respect the lockdown and do our bit to contribute to quelling the pandemic, we have all rewired ourselves when it comes to our beauty regimens.

With our beloved manicures, facials, and massages no longer accessible, this has become the perfect time to get creative and explore some fun, easy, at-home DIYs to pamper ourselves nonetheless!

Facial Care

Sleeping and waking up late can often cause water retention, which in turn tends to cause puffiness in the face. Two of our favourite ways to de-puff are:

  • Rosewater ice cubes- Pour some rosewater into an ice tray and freeze. Once frozen, use these rose ice cubes to rub around the eyes, the cheeks, and the jawline for an effective de-puffed look. Owing to its moisturising and soothing properties, rosewater is recommended over regular water.
  • Instant cryo-sticks with frozen spoons- Simply pop two metal spoons into your freezer overnight. The next morning, you can use them as home substitutes for cryo-sticks. Apply a serum or facial oil of your choice under your eyes, and glide the spoons in an upward and outward motion to activate the skin underneath and drain the toxins out.
Body Care

We have three fabulous ideas for you to pamper your body right at home, The White Door style!

  • Cellulite busting massage- With just a bottle of cold-pressed sesame oil and your knuckles, you can begin a skilled and effective massage on your thighs, buttocks, and any other area of the body to break the pesky fat deposits that cause cellulite! Head to our Instagram to hear our founder, Sana Dhanani, explain this technique in detail.
  • DIY foot mask- How would you feel if we told you that in just a few simple steps you can have baby-soft feet overnight? Start by applying petroleum jelly liberally all over your feet, and cling wrap them for about an hour. Now, take off the cling wrap, put on some socks and let the petroleum jelly work its magic overnight. The next morning, you’ll have super soft feet.(Yes, it’s that easy!)
  • DIY body scrub- Nothing brightens up the skin like a good exfoliation sesh. Mix sugar, honey, and lemon juice together to make a mix that is not too thick or too runny. Keep adding the ingredients little by little until you achieve the consistency you like. Then, use it all over your body in the shower for glowing, soft skin.
Hand & Nail Care

With the constant hand washing and sanitising, giving your cuticles and your hands some TLC is more important now than ever to ensure that they don’t get dry and irritated. Here are some ways you can hydrate them at home:

  • DIY cuticle oil- All you need to create this is 4.5 tsp of carrier oil of your choice (such as olive oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil), along with lavender and/or rosemary essential oils. Simply add 15 drops of each essential oil (or 30 drops if you’re only using one essential oil) into the carrier oil, and mix them to create a nourishing cuticle emulsion.
  • DIY hand mask- This indulgent, 2-step hand mask will efficaciously get rid of any dryness caused by frequent hand-washing and sanitising. Mix 2 tbsps of honey with 1 tbsp of sugar, and use this to scrub your hands and moisturise at the same time. Next, combine shea butter and olive oil and apply the mixture to your hands at bedtime while wrapping your hands in cling wrap to seal in all the nourishment. Get a good night’s rest, and wake up to soft, nourished hands.
Holistic Care

At The White Door, we believe that beauty doesn’t stop at what products you apply to your body—care for one's mind and soul is a must too, and crystals can add the perfect touch of indulgence to any skincare routine.

We love jade rollers and gua sha crystals as they infuse the goodness of crystals into skincare. Using them massage upward and outward on your face and lymph nodes is an excellent technique for lymphatic drainage. This gets rid of any water retention and leaves your face looking fresh and chiselled.

Facial rollers, available in a variety of different crystals (rose quartz, jade and amethyst to name a few), can be left in your freezer overnight and used for an extra refreshing and de-puffing effect the next morning. Giving yourself a gua sha massage with a nourishing oil like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil every night can do wonders to your face too.

As you can tell, taking care of your beauty requirements at home can be doable and super fun with just a little creativity and effort!

Head over to our Instagram page to know more about these DIYs, and feel free to DM us with any questions or suggestions about what you've been following and how it has worked for you.

Stay home and stay safe; we can’t wait to see you and pamper you at The White Door, soon.

- The White Door
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