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Poor posture, long hours, stress... Your back goes through a lot every day and it is not uncommon for it to be knotted in tension. It’s time to let go with our feel-good Back Detox with this a short relaxing treatment that perfectly fits in during your lunch break and is a favourite for men, who require back purifying treatments. It has been clinically proven to cause a significant increase in the sensation of well-being and in the feeling of calm and relaxation by +100% and +135% respectively.


  • A relaxing massage of the back and scalp a massage balm mixed with a Relaxing Serum and combined with detoxifying natural marine products
  • Toning body Scrub with marine salt crystals - for gentle and effective exfoliation coupled with an intake of minerals and trace elements essential for a healthy skin.
  • Cool-down treatment for 40 minutes


  • Eases away the pain
  • Releases the stress that affects your spine
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