Sushmaa Yagnik - Vice President

Keeping this philosophy in mind, Sushmaa Yagnik, through persistent propaganda for self-care and preventive healing, has achieved some serious goals in life, not only for the companies she has worked with, but also for her clients. After heading some of the most renowned spa and wellness brands in the country, she is prepared to bring over 15 years of unrivalled expertise and experience to The White Door.

Sushmaa believes that caring for oneself is not a luxury but a priority. A keen traveller and a wellness curator, she is constantly tuned into the ever-evolving dynamics of the industry, and the changing customer needs.

A strict adherer of discipline and dedication, Sushmaa considers productivity, concentration, energy, and creativity to be the four pillars of success. While she strongly dislikes procrastinators and unanswered texts and calls, she loves her cup of coffee and her spotlessly clean desk.

A total people’s person and an excellent team player, Sushmaa believes that excuses are tools for non-performers and thus, is determined to raise the standards, every day.

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